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Lawyers can get a bad rap. And if they are referred to as “bulldog lawyers”? That makes us think about the ambulance-chasing, fast-talking Saul Goodman. However, if you look to the AKC’s description of a bulldog, you will find their disposition described as “…equable and kind, resolute, and courageous, and demeanor should be pacific and dignified.” This description perfectly describes one of our favorite clients, Batta Fulkerson Law.
The attorneys at Batta Fulkerson Law have a business model that makes them San Diego’s premier boutique personal injury law firm. They have numerous awards and accolades – but they don’t practice law for the glory and fame. Batta Fulkerson Law decided they didn’t want to be a firm that focused on caseloads and billable hours – they wanted to be dedicated to putting people first. And not just putting clients first – they make it a part of their everyday business practice to reach out and assist in the community. Batta Fulkerson sponsors and supports a diverse range of charities and organizations such as Urban Angels, Sonshine Haven, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, LeTip, Save the Children, Mana, and coming as no surprise because they have an animal as their mascot – the San Diego Zoo.
Batta Fulkerson Law’s motivation to help means they have a great marketing plan in place to get the word out to those in need of legal services. Have you seen one of their 35 wrapped Uber/Lyft vehicles around town? Or better yet – have you seen a drone flying one of their banners? We might be biased, but we think the drone campaign is the DOG diggity 😉 But seriously, Jamar and Xavier are having an incredible time every month flying drones in San Diego’s hot spots, advertising and capturing content for Batta Fulkerson Law. PromoDrone is giving this firm incredible visibility because EVERYONE looks up when a drone is flying overhead!
So, if you are lucky enough to observe PromoDrone flying a Batta Fulkerson Law banner – or you spot one of their branded vehicles – take a picture, tag them, and they will reward you with a Starbucks gift card and some Bulldog gear. And if you need a personal injury lawyer – even for a dog bite – call Batta Fulkerson Law.


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