San Diego StartUp Week
One reason (of many!!) we love living and working in San Diego is because of the community. Many of us have a neighborhood restaurant, gym, or a favorite nearby park where we may get the opportunity to spend time with others in our community. Sometimes these encounters can lead us to find a new barber, get a new lead, learn about an upcoming community event, or receive some valuable advice on how to move to the next step in a situation. Although it may not be our original intent, there are times when we can walk away from these interactions with the benefit of productive networking.
The founders of San Diego StartUp Week wanted to take this scenario a step further when—as they say— “What started as a meeting of the minds among the city’s tech community in 2013 has grown into a cross-industry networking and educational summit.” For one week in June for the past five years, a community of entrepreneurs come together share progress, exchange resources, and celebrate the thriving innovation community. This year, from June 19 to 23, about 5,000 attendees signed up to participate in some of the 150 events with an array of 15 diverse tracks, included among them a track for startups looking to achieve product-market fit and solidify the business model, one that focused on teaching both entrepreneurs and designers how to apply new perspectives of thinking to their business, a track for building an ecosystem that is conducive to the success of everyone, and yes, even a track that explored real word experience from the cannabis industry.
What role did PromoDrone play in all of this? We were showcasing our very own entrepreneurial spirit by flying our drones, promoting this event, and working with platinum sponsor Cox Communications as we do what we do best – drive brand awareness with our revolutionary form of proximity advertising!
The energy at this event was not lost on our crew – Drone Pilot Abel Martinez walked away from StartUp Week even more inspired and motivated than before – if that is even possible!
Silicon Valley angel investor and Keynote speaker Jason Calacanis’s words rang true for PromoDrone as our team leaves behind traditional marketing and uses cutting-edge and innovative technology – “The greatest skill you can have today is the ability to acquire new skills. To be able to add merit badges, to learn constantly, and to hustle. To say, ‘I don’t know how to do something’ is not an excuse in 2017.” PromoDrone is always researching, practicing, investigating, acquiring new skills, and perfecting so OUR SUCCESS can be the foundation for YOUR SUCCESS.


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