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Located in San Diego, CA, PromoDrone is an innovative new form of proximity advertising that uses aerial drones to deliver exciting and memorable marketing experiences. Our intelligent aerial solutions include flying banner promotions, capturing HD video and photo content, aerial live-streaming, “impression” data capture, and call to action campaigns, all from an elevated perspective.


Whether you desire a powerful tool to create impressive and engaging video content, want to reach out and astonish a captivated audience, or need to better understand consumer behavior, PromoDrone can make it happen.


Recent Campaigns

Batta Fulkerson Law

August, 2017|

Batta Fulkerson Law Lawyers can get a bad rap. And if they are referred to as “bulldog lawyers”? That makes us think about the ambulance-chasing, fast-talking Saul Goodman. However, if you look to the [...]

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