Your success is our success. Our commitment to excellence is shown through ensuring that our stakeholders benefit from our sound decision-making, efficient use of resources, and dedication to creating win-win-win scenarios at all levels of our business. Some core pillars of our fundamentals include being transparent with our operations, leading with safety in innovation, and providing an ecosystem of informational wealth to increase our partner’s core business performance and growth.

All dreams start with a vision.

Safe flights and compliant operations are a must in any aerial system and at PromoDrone we operate only under strict FAA Part 107 guidelines and conditions. We believe that regulations and profitable flight operations don’t have to be at odds with one another. Our “safe-zone” approach to operations ensures that our independent licensed operators are able to perform most job requests while also remaining compliant at all times. You can rest assured knowing PromoDrone understands the value of protecting your brand experience.

At PromoDrone ensuring the success and safety of every client, fan, and team member are paramount. For us, this means partnering with only the most experienced drone pilots, rigorously testing each and every banner system, and making sure that safety is always a key driver of our product development.

– Joree Weatherly

You are never alone once you are part of the PromoDrone family. Our goal is to improve the quality of life for all of those who experience any part of our ecosystem. Our team will provide continued support and keep you in the loop as we progress together towards our destiny. You are already the hero. We just give you the shiny suit and cape.


What can our stakeholders expect?:

  •       Ongoing service and go-to-market support options
  •       Robust product roadmaps
  •       Expert leadership and guiding principles
  •       Safe and compliant operational expectations
  •       Global adoption and rapid advancement
  •       Dynamic strategic partnerships and alliances


Currently, the FAA does not allow drone operations over non-participants without a special waiver. Waiver requests require more time, incur additional costs, and have no guarantee of approval. We foresee this changing in the near future with the popularity and integration of UAS technology rapidly increasing among global organizations.

The Federal Aviation Administration requires all commercial drone operators to be trained and Part 107 Certified. All PromoDrone Pilots In Command (PICs) are part 107 Certified operators and comply with all FAA laws and regulations. More information on FAA regulations can be found at:

Yes. Certain areas may require special authorization from the FAA to access or may be restricted completely. PromoDrone only operates in FAA compliant zones with required permissions. Our team members perform a pre -flight location check prior to accepting any campaign request to ensure we can operate in your requested location. Authorization requests must be made at least 30 days in advance of the scheduled launch.