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Bella Wings Drone

Aerial advertising has been an outdoor marketing tradition since becoming mainstream in the early 1990s. Having an advantage over ground-level ad placements, aerial advertising allows brands to soar above the horizon and capture the attention of a larger and more attentive audience. Today’s consumer is overwhelmed by marketing and advertising placements and grabbing attention has been more challenging than ever.

Attract. Engage. Analyze.  

The PromoDrone aerial drone advertising and communications platform allow users to elevate tradition. The power is revealed once the units are deployed creating a highly noticeable, smartphone responsive, multi-faceted experience. This engagement process grabs attention and drives traffic; Ultimately leading to more impressions and conversions. The experience is unlike anything currently available in the world.

Clients value the cache of the interaction with attendees, revenue options to offset event expenses, and the real-time data which supports decision-making around the target customer.”

Crystal Sargent- Client Partner


The power is in the viewer’s perspective 

  •       More excited fans and more exciting event experiences
  •       Consumers actively seek out targeted advertisements
  •       Free multi-channel social sharing. Let your audience help grow your network, organically.
  •       Smart A.I. analytics and metrics based on audience demographics
  •      More exciting inventory placement, sales, and business development conversations